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Forum Rules:
  • You may not harass the Administrators.
  • You may not engage in offensive or otherwise malicious activities.
  • You may not advertise or sell things.
  • You may not post harmful or infectious material.
  • You may not post anything inappropriate in text, picture, link, or video.
  • You may not post pointless topics.
  • You may not post anything illegal or related to illegal activities.
  • You may not spam or repeated post without regarding responses.
  • You will respect everyone on the forums.
  • You will respect opinion and help those in need if possible.
  • You will be responsible for keeping up to date on server changes.


Server Rules:
You understand the server members are unique individuals.
You understand your creations may be subject to change.
You understand that no matter the rank of Administration you are not to undermine their authority.
You understand that punishments have been for a reason.
You understand that using programs/people or anything of the sort to damage the server/website/forums/services is prohibited.

Once you have read and understood all rules and regulations you are now qualified to join!

Good Luck!

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