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Our server has 10 different ranks from the Medieval Monarchy system. It can be divided into two main categories: Staff and Player. Anything above Knight is considered a staff rank. Anything at Knight or below is considered a player rank.

To get an administrative position you must apply for it through our site.


Gods/Goddesse have the most powerful rank in the entire server. They have the ability to do whatever they please at whatever time. They are extremely well-trusted, helpful and talented individuals. They maintain the server and administrate services such as our website or forums. They operate in all worlds.


Emperors/Empresses hold the second most powerful rank within the server. They are intelligent, mature and creative individuals that have gained enough trust from me to govern their own massive section of the world. They can help with any problem that may arise.


Kings/Queens are powerful players who control their own region. If the Emperor/Empress controlled the continent then the King/Queen would control the country. The regions are usually a large concentration of towns and cities. They can form the world as they desire and armed with the destructive VoxelSniper, anything is possible.


Dukes/Duchesses are trusted administrators of specific areas of the world. They are usually handed control of an area by either the King/Queen or the Emperor/Empress. They operate within and administrate large cities or projects.


Marquesses/Marchionesses are administrators who have gained respect from their leader to rule over a township. They are armed with the legendary WorldEdit plugin that allows them to change the world into whatever they want in seconds. They operate within and administrate towns and they can help with projects or host event


Earls/Countesses are administrators who have gained respect to govern their own township. They are technically the same as a Marquess/Marchioness while the Marquess/Marchioness is typically a higher rank than an Earl because they control outlying provinces. Earls/Countesses help with projects or host events and administrate townsh


Baron/Baronesses are moderators who maintain the order and peace within the server. They help anyone who is in need be it whatever their problems. They are typically people who help with projects, host events or just about anything.


Knights are the selected servants of royalty. In our server terms they are the highest player rank directly below a Baron/Baroness. They can help anyone with their experience and skills.


Commoners make up the majority of the player populace. They populate the world known as our server. They are plentiful and vast in numbers.


Peasants or the farmers are new players who have recently joined the server. They are still getting accustomed to the server and all it has to offer.

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