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Dawning Creations is a creative Minecraft Server that is managed by XanderKingoLight. We strive to create and publish amazing and fantastical creations. We strive to maintain a professional and mature working environment that everyone of all ages can enjoy. We have a strict and powerful set of rules that allow you, the player, to get the most enjoyment with the least amount of risk involved.

We also have a forums, twitter account, and our own youtube channel. I don't like to restrict myself with just building endlessly. That's why I put let's plays or series on the channel to keep myself and anyone else happy and entertained.

We have 10 ranks based on the Medieval Monarchy system. Ranks such as Emperor, Baron, or Knight are offered allowing you to get a slice of ancient history. With unique ranks even a boring title such as "Administrator" can turn into a fantastic piece of Medieval times such as"Marquess".

We offer exceptional security that is maintained around the block. With whitelists, rollbacks along with world backups, we can guarentee that your creations will be protected.

With lots of projects, events and series planned for the future you can join us now and lend us a helping hand! For more information on how to join please refer to the rules and regulations.

Enjoy your time here, - XanderKingoLight!

Server is NOT 24/7! 
Server is online: 3pm - 3am EST.

Server IP: dawning.no-ip.info
Server Version: 1.5.2


Let's Play Skyblock Episode 0.5: More Beginnings.

We also do videos and series for our YouTube Channel when possible! Above is part 0.5 of the Skyblock Let's Play.

For more let's plays or updates please remember to subscribe to our channel, it really helps.


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